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As a 501©3 non-profit entity, Courage Reins offers equine-assisted therapies for clients with unique needs and abilities. Because the cost of caring for an individual with special needs can be overwhelming, our programs are made available at a greatly reduced price to keep them more readily available to all. In order to do this, we rely heavily on the support of the community. Donor contributions allow us to set up sponsorships for our clients while still being able to cover the costs of caring for our loving therapy horses. It’s a tricky balance to maintain, but we’re able to do so thanks to your generosity and support. Below, please find a list of ways to give and consider how you can be involved as you support our efforts to heal and change lives at Courage Reins.


Sponsor a Child

We help more than 250 children a year with various therapeutic needs. The majority of families who come to Courage Reins have crushing healthcare costs and cannot afford the total cost of our program. Courage Reins isn’t reimbursable by insurances in the state of Utah, making the need for financial support all the more critical.

For every client hour we serve at Courage Reins, we need to raise a minimum of $50 to help cover treatment costs. That’s more than $3,500 per week! We rely on donations and the generosity of our donors to cover such costs. There are several ways you can sponsor a child—any amount helps! Together, we can continue providing necessary therapy, making life brighter for children just like Ava and Atziri. (Learn more about these remarkable kids by clicking on the short videos above.)

Sponsor a Horse

If you’ve ever owned a horse, you know they eat. A lot! The average Courage Reins horse is fed close to 5 tons of feed every year. To maintain a growing herd of 20 loving therapy horses, we have many expenses beyond food as well, ranging from vet bills, specific saddles, and tack needs to crucial training. Training our horses is paramount to our success and constitutes one of our largest costs! We continually fine-tune their skills and obedience to ensure a safe environment for our clients. Like humans, horses are social creatures. They thrive in a loving environment with plenty of interaction. Happy horses are healing horses, well equipped to play their crucial role in our program—a role they adore!

Join the Courage Club

Make Courage Reins an ongoing part of your giving through monthly or yearly donations. In doing so, you’re automatically enrolled in the most compassionate club around! You’ll receive quarterly Courage Reins newsletters, keeping you up on the work we’re doing and the lives you’re helping to improve. Your name will also be featured in our annual report.

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