Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning

A mental health session at Courage Reins is facilitated by a licensed therapist working in conjunction with a horse. The results of such an experience can be life changing. Using a horse as a catalyst for learning calms anxiety, comforts the soul, and helps bring clarity to those struggling with mental health disorders. Such alternative experiential therapy gets our clients out of clinics and into a setting where growth and learning thrive.


At Courage Reins, we do not bill insurance, but our licensed therapist can write a doctor’s note to be submitted by the client to their insurance for reimbursement consideration.

Mental Health & Self Development through Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy or Learning Activities, 1 hr (With Mental Health Professional &/or Equine Specialist)

  • Assessment/Treatment Plan (EAP): $120
  • Individual session or learning activity: $120

Group Psychotherapy or Learning Activities, 1 hr (Mental Health Professional & Equine Specialist)

  • Max 5 participants, 4 Contracted Sessions: $200

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