Foxy (mare)


Foxy’s owner came to us in 2014 looking for a new home for her. Watching him handle her, it was clear they had a special bond and she had been treated well her entire life. To ensure her transition was a smooth one, we kept a close eye on her and paid attention to what made her happy. It was easy to see she was a social horse and needed to be surrounded by her herd, so we were sure she had plenty of space in a paddock with other horses. That constant companionship helped her feel at home and happy at Courage Reins. It wasn’t long after she joined us that it was discovered she has a heart murmur. With plenty of care and love, her health and demeanor have since improved. She’s not about to let a little murmur slow her down. She loves being on our team as part of our walk and trot classes and thrives with the lighter duty she’s given.

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