Volunteer At Courage Reins

Our volunteers are the best! They work beside us in the heat of summer and the often freezing cold of winter. They bring joy to so many lives as we join together to make a better place for all.

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Things have unfolded in the last few of years that have fostered a re-examination of almost all aspects of our program. The latest innovation has been taking place with the volunteer program. For going on 18 years we managed our volunteer pool by blocks of hours they might be willing to serve. Since the first of December, Gina has put into place a campaign we have been calling

Just Come for One

We have been asking the volunteers to come for just one lesson . . . with one student . . . once a week. To have teams form around each of our riders, who will know their goals, the techniques they respond to and most of all that they are cared for and loved. Never in our 18 years have we had such volunteers as we do now. We are quickly approaching the 100% mark for all our volunteer teams.

Regular Volunteer

The first consideration is whether you have the time to contribute on a regular, scheduled basis. We would like everyone volunteering to work with one client, in one lesson, one time per week at a minimum. We need a commitment to that client to allow us to manage the coverage needed day to day. We will be asking you to decide on your assignment before offering you “hands on” training and getting you set up on the computer.

  1. Download and complete the Regular Volunteer Application form
  2. Review the age appropriate trainings and take quiz
  3. Contact us to arrange time for first visit
  4. Bring Application form and Quiz on first visit

Short-Term Volunteer

These are individuals needing under 30 hours for a class assignment, maybe a scouting merit badge, high school graduation requirement or as a member of a group wishing to volunteering as a ONE-TIME approved experience.

  1. Download and complete the Short-Term Volunteer Application form
  2. Review the age appropriate trainings and take quiz
  3. Contact us to arrange time for first visit
  4. Bring Application form and Quiz on first visit


The Certification Program was created to allow us a uniform way of maintaining safety standards for our horses, riders and volunteers. We realize that on occasion we will have someone volunteering with knowledge or even skills surpassing our own. However, we require that each person receive instruction and demonstrate ability within the guidelines of our certification program. Many of the techniques and methods used by us come recommended by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH) of which we are a Member Center.

Basic Safety and Orientation

Study Lesson | Quiz

Catch & Release

Study Lesson | Quiz


Study Lesson | Quiz

Tacking – Western

Study Lesson | Quiz

Tacking – English

Study Lesson | Quiz

Side Walking

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Lead Walking

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have prior horse experience?

Absolutely not.  We have an excellent certification program which will allow you to become comfortable and confident in handling and caring for horses and assisting with classes.

How old do you have to be to volunteer?

You have to be at least 14 years old to volunteer. And your assignment can sometimes be limited depending on your height, strength, focus and attention to detail.

Can I do my community service with your Center?

Yes, but with some restrictions. If the community service is court-mandated, the situation cannot have involved offenses against people or animals in any way. We also expect that you meet the general guidelines of a volunteer (that you are hardworking and kind).

Do you need any Eagle Scout Projects done for you?

Generally the Executive Director will have a number of different projects available spring, summer and fall. We love to work with potential Eagle Scouts Candidates to accomplish their goal of becoming an Eagle Scout.

Do volunteers have to work closely with the horses?

There are plenty of jobs to be done that don’t involve the horses. Volunteers assist with maintenance and repairs, fundraising, special events, photography, administration, office management and volunteer recruitment. If you are willing to join us, we will find you a place!