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Courage Reins is a charitable, non-profit, 501(C)(3), tax-exempt organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. We are also a member center of the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl) since 1998.

We offer lessons and activities for the disabled at about a 1/3 of the going rate, with some lessons requiring up to 3 people to assist besides the instructor. We feel strongly that the costs need to be kept down to be within the financial reach of even more participants. We strive to use resources efficiently and responsibly.

By relying on our volunteers and careful adherence to our operating budget we are able offer services at an affordable rate for most. Please consider donating to Courage Reins so that we may continue to provide quality therapeutic riding sessions or other equine-assisted therapies to those in need. We are good stewards of what we are entrusted with, whether that is our facility, our horses, our volunteers or our clients.



Our wish list:

  • Client t-shirts
  • Pave the driveway
  • Lighting small outdoor arena
  • New/Used 500cc 4×4 ATV
  • Snow plow blade
  • Arena grader
  • Covered round pen
  • 12’x16’ partially enclosed shed, South West Paddock

Support Our Students

There is, many times, such a huge financial burden for those suffering from disabilities.  We have had wonderful benefactors, who have stepped up to assist those less fortunate than themselves.  The giving has involved individuals, family organizations, foundations and corporations.  We could meet with you so to match your vision of how you would like to help, with the variety of needs presenting themselves here at the Center.

The average cost of an 11-week quarter is listed below for the various programming.

Therapeutic Riding, 1/2hr, semi-private ($25/session), $275/Quarter

Therapeutic Riding, 1hr, 3 riders/class ($30/session), $330/Quarter

Enhanced Therapy, 1/2hr (Hippo), semi-private ($30/session) $330/Quarter

Enhanced Therapy, 1/2hr (Hippo), private, ($45/session), $495/Quarter

Natural Horsemanship, 1hr, private ($50), $550/Quarter

Natural Horsemanship, 1hr, semi-private ($30/session), $330/Quarter

You can find the specifics of the various programming under the “Our Services” Tab.  You would be free to select the number of sessions within your budget and direct those funds towards a candidate of your choice.

Support Our Horses

Although at a glance it might seem that we are just about the riders. But that’s not the case at all. It is truly a partnership between ourselves and our horses. Many, many horses serving with us over the years have been rescued from bad situations, rehabilitated and then found a home and purpose here at Courage Reins. Seriously, we could be described as a “Club Med” for horses. Consideration is made for each individual horse’s needs. Their care is charted daily so nothing can be forgotten or overlooked.

If your love lies with horses, then what a wonderful way to contribute!  Biographical information on all the horses can be found in the “Our Horses” section.  Maybe through a participant or volunteer, you have gotten to know and love one of our horses.  Or maybe you already clearly understand the benefits possible by this relationship we share with horses and have the resources to care and support our entire herd.  Any help is so appreciated.

Sponsor a Horse for $5,000 a year or any part of a year! Find the donate button below and tell us which horse you would like to sponsor.



Vicki Armstrong, our executive director, is retired!

Vicki gave 14 years to Courage Reins, and we are so appreciative of her dedicated service.  She was instrumental in the success of our programs and organization.  Her boundless energy kept us all going, through the blazing heat and fridgid cold.  We had a party at...

Spring Break April 2-9

Spring is here and the horses are shedding...shedding so much we've grown extra cats and dogs around!! Just a reminder that Courage Reins is CLOSED Apr 2-9 for Spring Break! See you April...

Aaron, Rhett, and Gage

Aaron, Rhett, and Gage are enjoying their lesson at Courage Reins. This is our new horse Teton’s first special needs rider. Look how wonderfully they’re doing together. Teton is even helping Gage pick out a stuffed animal! We love our riders and volunteers.  Notice...

Lillan Roquet Parelli Professional at Courage Reins

See Misty and Angie riding here. "I'm so OVER THE MOON about the dedication and work ethic of the awesome staff at Courage Reins! This little mare, Misty, was racey, bracey, high headed, emotional, and many other things when I first began helping out at Courage. Look...

Horseless Clinic

Lillan Roquet, 3-star Parelli Professional, gave an awesome Horseless Workshop tonight at Courage Reins! We so appreciate her time and efforts to help us better our horsemanship skills. Thanks to the Parelli Foundation for sponsoring her. Everything we learn is of...

Inside Sales, Provo Service Project

Thank you Burke, Sharadan, Brad, Jason and Chad!! We had a great group of guys from Inside Sales-Provo help us on Friday, October 7th. They attached our HD TV to the wall, secured the railroad ties around the feeding cribs and shelters with rebar, washed the cobwebs...

Annual Horse Show and Open House

On Saturday, September 10th, we held an Open House and “Show What I Know” Horse Show. 45 participants, 40 volunteers, 12 staff, 6 board members, many, many spectators, and a few food trucks all helped make the day a huge success. We offered demonstrations and...

Highland Fling Parade

The Highland Fling Parade was a blast! Several students and their families got to ride on the hay wagon, pulled brilliantly by Jon and his white steed, his Ford Excursion. Our very own volunteer coordinator led the equine deposit removal team. Flyers for the upcoming...

Parelli Foundation Board Visit

On July 14th, members of the Parelli Foundation Board visited our campus as the 2016 Grant Recipients for support of Therapeutic Equine Center. Earlier in the day, they held their quarterly meeting at the Brick Canvas Building at Thanksgiving Point provided by the...

Goldman Sachs Service Project

The great people from Goldman Sachs came to Courage Reins for a service workday. Man oh man, did they ever accomplish a LOT!! Thank you Jessica, Tyler, Molly, Connie, Zak, Krishnan, Gareth, Tim, Kristen, Emaline, John, Rob, Richard, Korea, Olexander and Carly....

Courage Reins Featured on Good4Utah

HIGHLAND, UT. (ABC 4 Utah) The workers, volunteers and the horses at Courage Reins in Highland have one goal - improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. And recently we had a front row seat to watch that happen... Read the complete article...

Xactware Founder Day Service

Courage Reins had the wonderful opportunity to be part of Xactware’s Annual Founders Week Service activities.  This has become a three-day event from 8:00 AM - noon May 11th - 13th with close to 50 participants total.  A huge number of projects were undertaken;...

Final Installation of Our New Accessible Systems – Ceiling Lift

It took us 14 years, but it finally happened!  We have a powered lift to assist us in safely mounting and dismounting students to their horses.  This happened through the generosity of three sponsors:  CocaCola Swire, Kathy (one of our Enhanced Therapy Riders), and...