Norwegian Fjord

Torgan arrived with his buddy, Gunnar, during the summer of 2011 when he was 11 years old.  They were born and bred in Canada on a Fjord Ranch, where they were reported as having been trained for English, Western and Harness. They both arrived hugely over weight.  They had been allow to free feed on around 10+ acres of pasture.  The family started out initially wishing to have them assessed to become gratis lease participants (the horse stays here for a very nominal fee and is used as a lesson horse.  The owner is allowed to check them out for activities or ride them any time they are not scheduled).   Because of Gunnar’s near death experience, the owners signed over both horses to Courage Reins.  And although Torgan and Gunnar looked a lot alike we cut their manes differently.  Torgan has his in a spiked black & white sections.  Torgan is very smart, he does so well when he has consistent, attentive handling.  If not, he will try and be the boss!  He totally loves Parelli games.  Keep in mind that Fjords are veryvery food motivated!