Grade (Morgan, Arab?)

Misty is a grade mare (morgan, arab, quarter horse cross?) that was donated to us in the fall of 2010.  Her former owner reported rescuing her in pretty rundown condition and being very untrusting of people and men in particular. She was part of our program for only more advanced rider for a little over a year but almost always seemed stressed by being handled by so many people.  She was adopted by one of volunteers.  But in 2014 it was requested that we take her back.  Fortunately we were just a few months into totally changing the way we would develop relationships with our horse.  Misty was brought back with everyone instructed to put away all their preconceptions and act like we had just meet her.  She has probably been our greatest success story yet.  Using the principles taught by the Parelli Methods allowed all of us to approach and handle her in a way she could understand and trust.  She is now a sweet horse with gentle, soft eyes.