Grade (Morgan, Arab?)

Misty was donated to us in 2010. Her former owner reported rescuing her in pretty rundown condition and, as a result, she was very untrusting of people (men in particular). She was part of our program for a little over a year but never fully adjusted. Being handled by more than one person continued to cause her great stress. Wanting the best for her, we allowed one of our volunteers to adopt her, but her Courage Reins story doesnt end here. In 2014, we were asked if we could take her back. Having just changed the way we establish relationships with our horses, we agreed it was worth another introduction. When Misty returned to us, all staff and volunteers were instructed to work with her as if they were meeting her for the first time, this time using the Parelli Method to introduce her to our surroundings and team. As a result, she is probably our greatest success story to date.  Using such principles allowed us to approach and handle her in a way she could understand and trust. For what may be the first time in her life, she feels safe and comfortable in her surroundings. And were so glad she does. Shes a sweet horse who contributes a great deal to our Courage Reins family.