Cheyenne (mare)


Cheyenne comes to us from the loving family of Scott Hymas,.where she was a trusted, well-trained horse.  Her training and experience included Western, English riding styles and a lot of trail riding.  They were just reducing their herd size and Scott felt she would benefit from the consistent light work and loving environment.  And he gets to see and work with her almost weekly as he serves as a volunteer.  He let us know in advance that she was showing signs of skin cancer, not unusual in light haired horses.  She got here in January 2014 and by the Spring of the next year we could see the cancer getting more aggressive.  We were referred to Advance Veterinary Care in Salt Lake City for possible treatment.  They have the only oncologist vet in Utah, Dr. Chelsea Greenberg.  After examining Cheyenne, Dr Greenberg approached her business about providing treatment for her for free.  They first did the exam and the first dose of vaccine, then three more shots two weeks apart.  Meanwhile, the bumps are getting smaller and she two more shots to go six months apart. All said and done easily $4,500 worth of product and services. What a miracle to extend her life and keep this disease at bay.