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We are able to accommodate a number of different services at our beautiful facility located just beneath Mount Timpanogos in North Utah County. Some activities involve riding and others do not. But all are intended to enhance and improve the quality of life for those participating. Riding Sessions are offered in 4-12 week quarters throughout the year with a week off between each to allow us time to ready ourselves to start again.

How to Enroll

Regardless of your program choice, clicking on the blue, Sign Up Today will move you to the bottom of the page to contact us by whatever means best suits you.  You can anticipate someone getting back to you shortly.  This can just be a question/answer call, a request for a tour or to actually begin the enrollment process. All new students will be asked to participate in an intake process.  This is a scheduled appointment of about 45-minute duration, where the required paperwork is submitted and will include a brief mounted experience so we can best match student to a horse and proper equipment, as is applicable.   The forms needing completion are listed below

Clicking on either will open a file for you to print a copy for completion and submission before or at the scheduled intake appointment.


Therapeutic Riding Horseback riding for the disabled is recognized as one of the more progressive forms of therapy. The ability to control a horse as well as one’s own body inspires self-confidence, responsibility and teamwork. Best of all, it is a thoroughly enjoyable experience, which creates a special relationship between rider and horse and offers continually changing opportunities for growth.


  • From the beginning, riders learn balance, coordination, and self-assurance while receiving therapeutic muscle stimulation.
  • As a result of carefully planned lessons, posture, strength, and flexibility improve.
  • Advanced equestrian skills, teamwork, and cooperation are learned as the rider becomes more independent on horseback Classes and special events encourage confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of accomplishment as new levels of expertise and goals are met.

General Riding

On a limited basis general riders, those without disabilities, are selected to fill out our schedule after opportunities have been made first to those whom our mission serves. This is very easy to accommodate since classes form around a rider’s ability not disability. Locally this is probably one of the best riding program for the young or timid rider because of the support provided by our volunteer side walkers & lead walkers.

Class Options

Semi-Private Group – Sign Up Today Half-hour class (2 rider max). These classes were developed for clients who need a maximum volunteer team of 3 and a shorter activity time both physically and mentally. The two rider limit allows for more focused, quality instruction for each rider. Fee: $25/session (General Riding: $30/session).  EVERY Week Enrollment on a contracted basis.   Private – Sign Up Today Half hour class. These clients are wising to have the low stimulus and full attention of an individual instructor but geared towards learning how to ride usually with a goal to integrate later into a semi-private setting. Fee: $40/session (General Riding: $45/session).  EVERY Week Enrollment on a contracted basis.   GroupSign Up Today One hour class (3 rider max). These sessions could include bonding activities, grooming & tacking and ride time individualized towards the needs of the client. Fee: $30/session (General Riding: $40/session). Choice of an EVERY Week or EVERY OTHER Week Enrollment on a contracted basis.


The term “Hippotherapy” refers to the use of the horse as medical treatment strategy and not as a method to teach riding. This type of session is a recognized medical treatment millieu in making gains with various impairments, functional limitations, and individuals experiencing neuromuscular dysfunctions. Hippotherapy uses activities on the horse that are meaningful to the client. Treatment takes place in a controlled environment where graded sensory input can elicit appropriate adaptive responses to improve neurological function and sensory processing. This foundation can then be generalized to a wide range of daily activities.

Class Options

Hippotherapy – Sign Up Today Hippotherapy, Private 3/4hr, with OT, PT or Speech Pathologist. Sessions $125   Enhanced TherapySign Up Today Enhanced Therapy, 1/2hr Private, Instructor using Prescribed Goals & Techniques. Sessions $45 Enhanced Therapy, 1/2hr, Semi-Private, Instructor using Prescribed Goals & Techniques. Sessions $35 Enhanced Therapy, 3/4hr Private, Instructor using Prescribed Goals & Techniques. Sessions $65   Evaluations – Sign Up Today Initial Evaluation/Treatment Plan $150 Re-Evaluation, New Treatment Plan $130

Mental Health

As strange as it may seem, adding a horse to the psychotherapy and learning equation may be the missing piece you’ve been looking for. Those who are familiar with horses recognize and understand their ability to influence people in incredibly powerful ways. The benefits of a good work ethic, personal responsibility and assertiveness, effective communication, and healthy relationships have been seen as contributing significantly to happy, well-balanced individuals. Horses naturally help us in acquiring these benefits. The use of horses is growing and gaining popularity with the rise of new approaches in working with the horses, such as Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine-Assisted Learning Activities. EAP – Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) incorporates horses experientially for emotional growth and learning. It is a collaborative effort between a licenses therapist and a horse professional working with the clients and horses to address treatment goals. EAL – Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) focuses on educational goals and the acquisition of a variety of life skills. These goals or skills can be defined by the individual or group. EAL still involves the team as consisting of both a mental health and horse professional.

Class Options

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy or Learning – Sign Up Today Individual 3/4 hour, Contracted Minimum of 6 sessions. $120/session Individual 3/4 hour, 1x Non-Contracted session. $140/session Group 3/4 hour, Max 8 participants, 6 contracted sessions. $175/session Group 3/4 hour, 1x event or non-contracted. $220/session History/Treatment Plan (Individual EAP only) $120/session

Natural Horsemanship

We initially sought out this program to better relate to our horses as our partners in serving the disabled. But so much more happened. We learned very soon that for this partnership to work we had to change. You have to become different in order to be successful in having this new relationship. But for someone who likes animals, especially horses, Natural Horsemanship will help them make their journey to personal strength, resiliency and finding some peace within. They will be taught from the first day that what they attempt will never be perfect. The entire experience teaches success through improving situations of failure. Then they are taught to just stop and review, maybe come from another angle or maybe just return to an activity at which both were successful. The learning to handle things comes with practice, lots & lots of practice. And hasn’t that always been the way it works best?

Class Options

Natural Horsemanship (based on Parelli™ practices) – Sign Up Today Private, 1 hour session, $50/session Private, 1.5 hour session, $75/session Semi-Private, 1 hour session, $30/session Semi-Private, 1.5 hour session, $45/session Group, (4 max), 1 hour session, $80/group/session Group, (4 max), 1.5 hour session, $120/group/session

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