Enhanced Therapy

Enhanced therapy is a great option for those interested in working with an Occupational Therapist(OT) to meet their therapeutic goals. When an OT provides an evaluation or is present at a session, it’s called Hippotherapy. At Courage Reins, our OT provides an evaluation and creates an assessment plan for each student, which is then implemented by our instructors. Since the OT is not involved in the weekly sessions, we call this approach to treatment “enhanced therapy,” as it’s an elevated form of therapy directed by professional suggestions. Enhanced Therapy sessions are not as focused on horseback riding skills. Instead, they focus on the therapeutic goals set by our OT, incorporating our trained horses into the plan for healing.


Note: All clients at Courage Reins benefit from donor sponsorship of our programs. We want this to be a place of healing for all in need and do not discriminate based on ability to pay. As you can see from the full cost breakdown below, there is much to cover financially with every therapy session, but that total cost is not what we ask our clients to provide. Instead, we offer a lesser rate to keep this experience affordable and rely on donations from sponsors to make up the difference. As a nonprofit, we rely heavily on donations, and every little bit helps our cause. If, as a client, you find yourself in a position to pay for your sessions in full, please let us know so we can reallocate sponsorship funds and offer further support to families in need. Thank you.


  • New Evaluation & Treatment Plan: $150
  • Re-Evaluation & Treatment Plan: $130

Enhanced Therapy

  • 1/2hr Private: $50 with donor sponsorship ($90 Value)
  • 3/4hr Private: $75 with donor sponsorship ($120 Value)


Enhanced Therapy can be used to address some of the following deficits:

  • Strength and Muscle Tone
  • Balance & Postural Stability
  • Postural Insecurity
  • Motor Planning Skills
  • Sensory Awareness or Defensiveness

For more information about the benefits of Hippotherapy visit the American Hippotherapy Association’s site here.

Apply Now

To Apply, please download, fill out, and return the following application:

Sign and send the documents to info@couragereins.org or fax them to 888-850-4353.